Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base

The Local Government & Municipal (LGAM) Knowledge Base is a Wiki-based Encyclopedia of Local Government. It was created for the use of and to promote collaboration between Local Councils, Water Authorities and associated organisations, and to help them to save money by sharing ideas & information. It is primarily aimed at an Australian audience, but users from other countries are more than welcome to join. Everyone, including local government employees, elected members, ratepayers, students and other interested parties are encouraged to use, reuse & add to any useful information they find on the site.

There are currently 6027 pages of information on the site.

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What topics are you passionate about? Who else shares those passions? What information exists about those topics? What knowledge gaps exist in relation to that topic & who if anyone is trying to fill those gaps? That's what the Local Government Collaboration Project & Local Government Collaboration Topics Survey is designed to find out.

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