A-SPEC is a consortium of Councils that is developing common specifications for the supply of digital data, with a view to achieving efficiency and cost savings in the process of maintaining their corporate geographic information systems (GIS) and asset management systems (AMS).

The key objectives of the A-SPEC Consortium are to :-

  • Streamline stake holders’ (local government/utilities) processes for receiving, handling and storing of infrastructure related to subdivision developments in their GIS. This process will increase the efficiency of information access and result in greater customer satisfaction when dealing with inquiries from consultants, developers and prospective residents.
  • Eliminate duplication of effort. Significant duplication of effort exists in the digitising of as constructed information. This duplication exists between the private sector (who capture as constructed information), and council staff (who may digitise that information from paper plans);
  • Improve process efficiency, in the process of accepting and processing lodgements, and in checking existing data against design criteria and/or design plans;
  • Improve customer service to both internal and external customers of asset information; improve the quality of information held in council systems for audit and financial requirements, as well as operational and business requirements;
  • Manage assets better to reduce the need for capital works and/or to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Specifications in the A-spec suite include:

  • B-Spec - the buildings specification
  • D-Spec - the drainage specification
  • O-Spec - the open space specification
  • R-Spec - the road specification
  • S-Spec - the sewer specification
  • W-Spec - the water specification

Member Organisations



A-Spec is being managed by GISSA International together with a Technical Working Group from each state consisting of representatives from the member councils and authorities.
Any inquiries can be directed to either:

George Havakis
Managing Director
GISSA International
p: (03) 9877 6972
m: 0407 574 477
e: ua.moc.assig|egroeg#ua.moc.assig|egroeg
w: http://www.gissa.com.au

Duncan Brooks
Project Manager
GISSA International
p: (03) 9877 6972
m: 0409 384 225
e: ua.moc.assig|bnacnud#ua.moc.assig|bnacnud
w: http://www.gissa.com.au

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