ABS Engineering Construction Survey

The ABS Engineering Construction Survey is conducted quarterly and aims to measure the value of all engineering construction work undertaken in Australia by both private and public sector organisations. These estimates together with results from the Building Activity Survey provide a complete quarterly picture of building and construction activity in Australia.

The survey asks for the;

  • total value of all new projects commenced during the quarter;
  • the value of work done on new projects during the quarter;
  • the value of work yet to be done on all projects underway at the end of the quarter.

for a range of asset categories, namely:

  • Roads, highways and subdivisions;
  • Bridges;
  • Railways and tramways;
  • Harbours;
  • Water storage and supply;
  • Sewerage and drainage;
  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution;
  • Pipelines (other than water);
  • Recreation and landscaping;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Heavy industry.

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