Access Place

An Access Place is a cul-de-sac or minor street providing local residential access with shared traffic, pedestrian and recreation use, but with pedestrian priority.

Road Class Matrix

The road class matrix below is included as a tool to help try and compare and match the plethora of road class names adopted by the various road authorities in their road hierarchies. Any additional suggestions for criteria, or comments about the data in the table would be greatly appreciated.

Criteria Options
Urban/Rural Urban
Divided/Undivided Undivided
Public/Private Public
Surface Sealed
Bus Route No
No of Lanes Variable
Weather All Weather Road
Network Type Local distribution network
Indicative Traffic Volume <3,000 vpd
Frontage Access Allowed Yes
Pedestrians Allowed Yes
Pedestrians Favoured Yes
Recommended Operating Speed 50 km/h
Buses Allowed If required
Parking Allowed Yes
Trucks Allowed Only to service properties
Responsibility Local Government
Industrial/Non-Industrial Non-Industrial
No of Properties Serviced 200

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