Access Road

An Access Road is a road that provides access to abutting properties with amenity, safety and aesthetic aspects having priority over the vehicle movement function. These roads are bicycle and pedestrian friendly. They are managed by local government.


Scullin Court (above) is classified as an access road by Whittlesea City Council.

Perth Metropolitan Road Hierarchy

The Perth Metropolitan Road Hierarchy uses the following measures to determine if a road is an access road.

Predominant Activity: Limited access to traffic. Forms part of local distribution network
Intersections: Self controlling with minor measures
Indicative Traffic Volume (except semi-rural areas): 3000 vehicles per day
Frontage Access Allowed: Yes
Pedestrians Allowed: Yes
Recommended Operating Speed: 50 km/h
Buses Allowed: If required
Parking Allowed: Yes
Trucks Allowed: Only to service properties
Responsibility: Local Government

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