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Created in 1999, Advitam is a group of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and software engineers who operate in a very narrow niche of Infrastructure Management Solutions providers. A subsidiary of Vinci, Advitam was created to develop systems and applications to provide readily available, timely and accurate information for managers faced with the tasks of operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of infrastructure. Advitam devotes itself to understanding the risks of deterioration for infrastructure and implementing software solutions, inspection, maintenance and monitoring systems in order to ensure their durability and serviceability at lower cost.

The company's focus revolves around risk management and decision support, integrating all relevant information from varying sources and medias, and making it centrally accessible. This focus, when combined with sound knowledge of engineering principles and their experience in state of the art information systems and instrumentation, yields a world class solution which provides the information needed by managers to make the right decisions regarding structural maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement.

The company is divided into 3 main departments

  • Structural Health Monitoring with EverSense
    • EverSense┬« is a range of products and services dedicated to instrumentation, real-time monitoring and diagnosis of structures, through the centralized measurement of geometry, forces, dynamic behavior, environment and aging permitting owners to have real time information about the state of their infrastructure
  • Non-destructive testing
    • Advitam offers a unique range of methods and tools for monitoring and assessing structures. Our services include analysis of the problem, definition of a diagnostic solution, investigation, identifying the pathology of the problem and providing appropriate recommendations. To provide the best services, the team works closely with prestigious partners for the development, testing and implementation of new investigative technologies. Among them, Advitam works regularly with IFSSTAR (ex-LCPC) and Freyssinet, a world leader in specialized civil engineering.
  • ScanPrint Infrastructure Management
    • A web based software suite devoted to inventory and asset management for any type of infrastructure. More information about ScanPrint IMS can be found at ScanPrint IMS
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