Pass variables via a URL

the ability to pass variables to queries and reports via a URL in a browser.


This is ability is actually very useful, once you get the hang of it.

As an example if you paste the URL below into a browser it will open up Google Maps and centre the map at lat=24.869929 degrees south and long=152.441482 degrees, and zoom the map to Zoom Scale 12, etc.,152.441483&spn=0.250434,0.528374&z=12

A good web based asset management system should be able to do the same thing - that is you should be able to tell it to display all of the storm water pipes more than 30 years old via a url something like this


Also when you run a query in the system to display all of the pipes older than 30 years, it should display the above URL (or something similar) in the browser's address bar.

Why is this useful? It means you can send someone a link that will automatically open up the system, and show them the query you want them to look at.

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