As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC)

As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) is a software tool developed by Open Spatial that extracts data from as constructed drawings, and converts it to a format suitable for importing into a range of GIS and Asset Management Systems.

Validation for Councils, Water Authorities and other Utilities.
Attribute and Spatial data will be loaded directly into GIS (ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, Smallworld using Feature Data Objects FDO (Open Source) (a free function within AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D) and Attribute data into Asset Management System (Assetic, Hansen, Conquest, Confirm, Lifecycle, other).

ACDC comprises three components:
- 'ACDC Validator' - A Validation tool that certifies submitted 'as constructed' drawings against Council's standard for completeness, correctness and accuracy. Errors / non-compliance will be returned in an error drawing + csv file identifying and driving Users to the errors detected requiring correction. Drawings successfully passing the Validation Test will be converted into Object Data and data transferred directly into GIS and/or Asset Management databases using Feature Data Objects (FDO).
- 'ACDC Configurator' - An Administrator tool used to manage the migration of the "contributed data" into the GIS and Asset Management systems; to build the Business Rules, Lookups, data ranges, snapping tolerances; for data model validation; for the creation (in conjunction with AutoCAD, of drawing Templates with 'Attributed Blocks' and predefined Layers. Private Developers/Surveyors/Consultants/Landscapers are required to complete and submit their As Constructed Drawings to Council using for AutoCAD LT or above (Release 14 right up to the latest Release 2012) or data transferred in dwg or dxf format from engineering software design and surveying packages. Pre-built Templates are issued to Developers, and are either provided blank or with existing infrastructure and cadastre populated, to which new infrastructure by added. These same Templates can be posted onto the ACDC Validation Portal.
- 'ACDC Validation Portal' - (optional) Online Validation and Certification (against Council's chosen Standard) prior to submission to Council for self QA by the Developer.

Complies with the following Standards:
- A-Spec (is a configuration of ACDC)
- ADAC v4 (is a configuration of ACDC)
- Other

Suitable for Landscape Architects, Surveyors, Developers & Council Capital Works staff to submit AutoCAD drawings, or using CivilCAD, Civil 3D, 12D, MicroStation, to transfer in dxf, dwg format.

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