Asset and Business Solutions

Asset and Business Solutions were listed as one of 18 approved Asset Management Consultants by Local Buy in early 2008.

Asset and Business Solutions offer specialised services in:

  • strategic management
  • asset management services
  • civil engineering
  • change management
  • business management
  • program and project management, and
  • asset valuation.

Graham Jordan and Ray Ferdinand have experience across a broad range of industries including construction, asset maintenance, government, transport, education and water and work closely with other professionals as requited to provide complete, cost-effective client solutions.

ABS brings together Graham and Ray’s over 50 years of combined practical experience in assisting local governments with developing and implementing cost-effective asset management solutions. Graham and Ray worked together on many of the initiatives for the Queensland Road Alliance.


Graham mobile 0400 824 304 Ray mobile 0419 769 322
Telephone 07 3841 5674 Fax 07 3341 4134
Postal 18 Chanel Crescent Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113
Email ua.moc.liamezo|nadrojmaharg#ua.moc.liamezo|nadrojmaharg

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