Asset and Component Types

In Australia Local Governments are responsible for a large variety of asset types, and the names for these assets can vary from municipality to municipality. Consistent naming conventions and solid definitions would make it easier for Councils to discuss and compare asset management practices. Attempts at standardization include; ADAC & R-Spec.

List of Asset and Component Types

The the various definitions of the terms 'Asset & 'Component' are necessarily vague, and they can and are interpreted differently by different councils. Some entries in the list below will likely be considered to be assets by some Councils, components by others, and neither or irrelevant by yet others. Please treat the list as a starting point to stimulate discussion and add any asset/component types you believe are relevant to local government.

It would be fantastic to get some feed back on the list, and eventually to get some common asset types & definitions that multiple councils can agree on.

Many of the pages linked to below are either empty or what wikipedia would call stubs. Please flesh them out a bit if you can.

To include a page on the list below, add the tag "asset-type" or "component-type" to the page.

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