Asset Category

An Asset Category (also Asset Group) is a group of asset types with similar attributes.

The National Asset Management Assessment Framework suggests that a Council's Asset Management Plans should include all assets and document asset inventory information for the asset group/category as recorded in the asset register.

An 'asset category' field is often present in Asset Registers and Asset Management Systems.

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

The Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure identifies 22 Asset Categories:

  1. Property
  2. Land
  3. Land Improvements
  4. Buildings
  5. Building Improvements
  6. Heritage Buildings
  7. Plant and Equipment
  8. Plant, machinery and equipment
  9. Fixtures, fittings and furniture
  10. Computers and telecomunications
  11. Heritage plant and equipment
  12. Library books
  13. Roads
  14. Bridges
  15. Footpaths and cycleways
  16. Drainage
  17. Recreation, leisure and community facilities
  18. Waste management
  19. Parks, open space and streetscapes
  20. Aerodromes
  21. Off street carparks
  22. Other infrastructure

Local Government Victoria Asset Investment Guidelines

The Local Government Asset Investment Guidelines contains an example Capital Funding allocation table that includes the following asset categories:

It notes that:

  1. Parks includes Outdoor Furniture and Signage and Public Lighting
  2. Recreation, Leisure and Community Facilities includes building assets in these services
  3. Other Infrastructure includes Piers & Jetties, Caravan Parks and Markets & Saleyards.

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