Asset Design and As Constructed

The Asset Design & As Constructed (ADAC) product is developed and maintained by a consortium of Local Government agencies in Queensland in conjunction with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia - Queensland Branch (IPWEAQ). The process is used to facilitate the collection and lodgement of detailed information on contributed civil infrastructure and associated assets provided by the private sector to Councils.

The consortium has developed a standard which defines:

  • the information required for each asset type;
  • the terminology to describe this information; and
  • allowable values

Traditionally an add-in for the commonly used AutoCAD engineering software has been used, to facilitate the collection of this information, and define the format in which the data is stored. The consortium has moved to a more generic approach, maintaining an XML data schema which has the potential to allow any software developer to incorporate the standard into its product to create ADAC-compliant output. Membership of the consortium is open to all public utilities with further information available by contacting ua.nsa.qaewpi|ofni#ua.nsa.qaewpi|ofni.

ADAC Member Councils


A number of companies are currently developing software for creating, importing & exporting drawings & data compliant with Version 4 of the ADAC XML Schema, including:

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