Asset Handover

Asset Handover is the process of transferring the responsibility for maintaining and managing a new asset from the entity that has constructed it to the entity (e.g. department, organisation or team) that will be responsible for its ongoing management into the future.

Typically all information about the asset (e.g. Engineering Drawings, Operation Manuals, etc.) will be passed on the managing entity as part of the handover process.

Automating Asset Handover

Growth councils can have many millions of dollars worth of assets gifted to them each year, this makes automating the asset handover process as much as possible very desirable.

Ensuring All New Assets are Handed Over

Ensuring that the staff responsible for capitalisation of assets are made aware of all new assets (gifted or constructed) in a timely manner. was identified as a challenge for some Councils through the Local Government Collaboration Project survey. If you have any thoughts on how to deal with this challenge please detail them below.

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