Asset Management Advancement Program 2009-10

The Asset Management Advancement Program (A-MAP) is is a program developed by the Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning to provide a milestone based approach to the development and implementation of AMPs in Queensland local councils.

Under A-MAP, councils were required to complete a "Core Plan" as per the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) approach as Stage One by 31 December 2010, with an "Advanced Plan" to be completed as Stage Two by 30 June 2012. The 31 December 2010 deadline, was however extended to September 2011.

Stage One Objectives

Item Due Date
Develop and adopt a draft asset management policy 31 Dec 2009
Establish consistent asset hierarchies for all data sets 31 Dec 2009
Collect asset maintenance data 31 Dec 2009
Collect asset condition assessments 31 Mar 2010
Identify backlog requirements for all asset classes 30 Jun 2010
Link asset data to long-term financial plans 30 Sep 2010
Complete priority asset management plans 31 Dec 2010


The Asset Management Advancement Program nominates a number of assets and sub-assets that it deems to be "depreciating assets of significant value with long estimated useful lives" that need to be incorporated into Asset Management Plans, these include;

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