Asset Management Success Stories

Proving to someone the need for Asset Management the is not always an easy task. It is said that telling stories is a very powerful way of getting a message across. This page has been set up as a place to collect stories illustrating the benefits of asset management, to hopefully make the job of explaining the benefits of Asset Mangement a little bit easier.

If anyone has any stories about how having an asset management practice or system in place has unambiguously a resulted in a better outcome, please add them below.

Story No.1

Author: Wayne Eddy

I remember having to speak to an irate ratepayer about his road being dusty and wanting to know why it wasn't sealed. I was at Mildura Rural City Council at the time, and we had recently developed a road sealing and widening program, based on traffic counts and a number of other considerations. I was able to refer to the progam and state that based on the traffic information we had, there were about 300 (I forget the actual figures) road segements with no or narrows seals with higher traffic counts than the road on which he lived, and that they therefore had priority. I found his particular road in the program, and explained given current funding levels it was due to be constructed in about 20 years time. Now no one likes to be told that something that they want is 20 years away, but when given the facts politely this particular customer seemed to accept the answer he got, and I beleive that he went away with a better opinion of Council's professionalism.

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