Asset Management System Implementation Checklist

Purchasing an Asset Management System does not automatically solve an organisation's asset management needs.

Typcially the successful implementation of an Asset Management System will take several years, and involve lots of hard work.

Hopefully the checklist below can help with this process. (If you have experience with the implementation of an AM System please feel free to add to the list.)

AMS Implementation Checklist

  • Have you determined the maximum number of users that will need to access the system at any one time?
  • Do you know what the system users want the system to do?
  • Do you have all the data we need to populate the proposed system?
  • Do you know how you will migrate data from the existing systems to a new system?
  • Do you know what changes we will have to make to existing processes to convert to a new system?
  • Do you have sufficient in-house expertise to sucessfully implement the system?
  • Is the information in the asset register complete and correct?
  • Is system compitable with other systems?

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