Asset Management Training

Asset Management Training is any training that results in the acquisition of asset management related knowledge, skills, and/or competencies.

National Asset Management Assessment Framework

The National Asset Management Assessment Framework scores Councils on the following AM training related practices:

  • The Asset Management Policy identifies a process for meeting training needs in financial and asset management practices for councillors and staff.
  • Council has assessed the skills and knowledge required to perform asset data management activities, conduct financial reporting valuations and develop Asset Management Plans. Council has a current asset management skills matrix. Staff training needs have been identified and training scheduled.
  • Council provides ongoing training programs for councillors, council management and officers on key asset management topics.

Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base

This site contains a lot of information about asset management that could be used for asset management training. Just visiting and reading all the links on the Asset Management page would be a good introduction to asset management, and as everything here is published under a Creative Commons Sharealike Licence so you are welcome and encouraged to reuse the information in anyway you like.

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