Asset Register

An asset register is a database or document containing specific information about the assets owned or controlled by an organisation.

Alternate Definitions

  • A Financial Management Document that records: Capital Expenditure, depreciation charges & revaluation increments and decrements - Queensland Local Government Act 2009 (Section 104(2))
  • "A systematic record of items considered worthy of identification as discrete assets, including information such as construction and technical details about each". - The Guidelines for Implementing Total Management Planning's Glossary of Asset Management Terms.
  • "A record of asset information considered worthy of separate identification including inventory, historical, financial, condition, construction, technical and financial information about each. - International Infrastructure Management Manual.
  • "The structured listing in a hierarchical fashion covering all of the commercial assets owned by an organisation (firm)" - Unknown.


Division 5 of the Queensland Local Government (Finance, Plans and Reporting) Regulation 2010 states that "A local government’s asset register must record its non-current physical assets."

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