AssetFinda is an Asset Management System with a very strong focus on GIS and mobile field devices.

Vendor Comments

AssetFinda is a browser-based asset management system with multiple GIS interfaces and a mobile app for field users.

Currently the most widely used Asset Management System by district Councils in New Zealand, AssetFinda has only recently entered the Australian market, and is receiving a lot of interest from Local Governments seeking a system to handle all asset types.

AssetFinda's strong focus on GIS, includes interfaces to ArcGIS, MapInfo and QuantumGIS. They provide field access with a dedicated iPad app, and the main office interface is Web based assisted by GIS.

The system is built according to NAMS and Audit guidelines, and improved with the input of a wide and active User Group. It is also easily integrated with other third party systems and databases

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Contact Information

AU: (+61) 497 259 546
NZ: (+64) 27 256 4847
General Equiries: moc.adniftessa|troppus#moc.adniftessa|troppus

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