Australian Business Excellence Framework

The Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) is a is a non prescriptive leadership and management system that describes the essential elements of organisational systems in seven categories and based on twelve quality principles.

ABEF Principles

  1. Clear direction allows organisational alignment and a focus on the achievement of goals
  2. Mutually agreed plans translate organisational direction into actions
  3. Understanding what customers value, now and in the future, influences organisational direction, strategy and action
  4. To improve the outcome, improve the system and its associated processes
  5. The potential of an organisation is realised through its peoples enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation.
  6. Continual improvement and innovation depend on continual learning
  7. All people work in a system; outcomes are improved when people work on the system
  8. Effective use of facts, data and knowledge leads to improved decisions
  9. All systems and processes exhibit variability, which impacts on predictability and performance
  10. Organisations provide value to the community through their actions to ensure a clean, safe, fair and prosperous society
  11. Sustainability is determined by an organisations ability to create and deliver value for all stakeholders
  12. Senior leadership’s constant role modelling of these principles and their creation of a supportive environment to live these principles, are necessary for the organisation to reach its true potential.

ABEF Categories

  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Strategy and Planning process
  • Data information and Knowledge
  • People
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Processes Products and Services
  • Business results

The framework makes use of a lot of well known Problem Solving Techniques.

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