Austroads Guide to Asset Management

Austroads has published a Guide to Asset Management.

The Guide contains the following chapters.
AGAM01/09 – Part 1: Introduction to Asset Management
AGAM02/09 – Part 2: Community and Stakeholder Requirements
AGAM03/09 – Part 3: Asset Strategies
AGAM04/09 – Part 4: Program Development and Implementation
AGAM05/09 – Part 5: Pavement Performance
AGAM05A/09 – Part 5A: Inventory
AGAM05B/07 – Part 5B: Roughness
AGAM05C/07 – Part 5C: Rutting
AGAM05D/08 – Part 5D: Strength
AGAM05E/06 – Part 5E: Cracking
AGAM05F/09 – Part 5F: Skid Resistance
AGAM05G/09 – Part 5G: Texture
AGAM05H/09 – Part 5H: Performance Modelling
AGAM06/09 – Part 6: Bridge Performance
AGAM07/09 – Part 7: Road Related Assets Performance
AGAM08/09 – Part 8: Asset Valuation and Audit

It can be purchased from Austroads Online Publications for $500.01

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