Bayswater City Council

Bayswater City Council is located in the inner northeastern suburbs of Perh in Western Australia in Perth, about 9 kilometres northeast of the CBD The City covers an area of 32.8 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 60,000.

Locality Plan

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Contact Information

Postal Address: PO Box 467, Morley WA 6943
Telephone: (08) 9272 0622
Fax: (08) 9272 0665

Software Systems

Asset Management System: Loftus Systems ( RoadPak, PipePak, ParkPak ) & RoMan
Document/Records Management System: DataWorks
Financial System: Finance One
Geographical Information System: ArcGIS/Eview

Additional Contacts

Name: Rod Woodford
Position: Manager Geographic Services

Site Members

Neighbouring Councils

External Links & References

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  2. Bayswater City Council Interactive City Maps
  3. Wikipedia
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