BIS (Authority Business Intelligence) is a software package sold by Civica for use with Authority.

From the Civica Website

The Civica website states that BIS:

  • BIS allows for quick and easy analysis of data from Council’s corporate system.
  • It gives the Council the ability to turn data into information, information into decisions and decisions into actions.

and that it provides:

  • It provides a top down view of your organisation/department with graphical illustration of any ‘hot spots’
  • An intuitive and informative budgeting system with a demonstrable reduction in the strategic planning/budgeting cycle
  • Flexible analysis and reporting tools that integrate with multiple core business databases

Key benefits are listed as:

  • Multiple years of data can be displayed showing both past and future commitments
  • Hot spots can be quickly identified by setting tolerances against specific data and implementing the alert function
  • User configurable dashboard gauges allow users to display multiple different types of key information such as financial sustainability * and KPI indicators
  • Full audit trail records every change in the budget right from the very beginning of the process
  • Traffic light style budget status can be used assisting with the de-centralisation of the budget process

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  1. Civica Executive Management and Reporting Page
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