Building Inspection

A Building Inspection is an inspection of a building or building site designed to ascertain its condition, compliance with codes of practice and building regulations or suitability for habitation.

Building Permit Inspections

There are a number of mandatory building inspections associated with erection of new buildings, building extensions & renovations and the building permit process.

Inspections must take place:

  • before placing a footing
  • before pouring an in situ reinforced concrete member nominated by the relevant building surveyor
  • on completion of framework
  • on completion of all building work

The above inspections must be carried out by a qualified building inspector. Many Councils offer a building inspection service for these inspections.

Building Condition Inspections

Councils also need to understand the condition of munipal buildings, and building inspections designed to determine the overall condition and the mainteannce needs of Council-owned and/or operation buildings are typically undertaken on a regular basis.

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