Capital Works Management System

Reporting to the public about Capital Works projects has always been difficult in the Council environment. To this end, Moreland City Council has recently implemented a Capital Works Management Reporting Tool.
This system allows you to publish approved data onto the Council's website, giving the ratepayers an over view of Capital Works Projects, the ability to contact the Project Manager by phone or email to gain a greater insight into the project. The public can print off details sheets about each project and monitor the progress of projects online as well as search across the system.

It has several levels of security within the system, so no information can be published without approval from within the Council, photos, maps and documents can all be attached. There is a reporting mechanism to check how long it is since a project's details were updated.

The system runs across SQL Server databases.

Easy to use and the developers were excellent to work with.
Developers contact details: OTS Software, 03 9421 1834, Director Mr Arthur Harrison.

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