Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are filters that consist of an outer housing, which contains the filter medium. The type of medium required depends on the contaminants that need to be filtered. The nominal pore size of the filter medium determines the size of the contaminant that it will exclude. For example, if the size is 5 microns, then this will exclude most of the contaminants larger than 5 microns.

Filter media need to be regularly checked and periodically replaced.

Cartridge filters are used in small water treatment systems such as bores.

Types of Cartridge Filters

Filters consist of three types

  • Melt blown or solid - these have largely replaced string wound filters because unlike string wound filters, they do not shed fibres. Suitable for bore water or treated town water
  • Pleated Paper - primarily used in the generation of sterile water
  • String Wound - most widely applied in a pre-filtration setup.
  • Media e.g. activated carbon, calcite, alumina. Depending on the type of media used, it is applied to remove chlorine taste and odour, neutralizing acidic water.

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