Central Highlands Regional Council

The Central Highlands Regional Council is located in central Queensland. It covers an area of 53,677 square kilometres and contained an estimated resident population in 2009 of 30,403. The Council will covers the towns of Blackwater, Bluff, Capella, Dingo, Duaringa, Emerald, Rolleston, Springsure and Tieri as well as the villages/communities of Anakie, Bogantungan, Bauhinia, Comet, Fernlees, Gindie, Rubyvale, Sapphire, The Willows, Withersfield and Yamala.

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Software Systems

Asset Management System: Assetic
Document/Records Management System: Dataworks (T1 ECM)
Financial System: Civica / Authority
Geographical Information System: MapInfo 9.0 / Exponare
Library Management System: Aurora

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Ph: 1300 242 686
Fax:1300 242 687
E-mail: ua.vog.dlq.crhc|seiriuqne#ua.vog.dlq.crhc|seiriuqne

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  2. Council Web Site
  3. Wikipedia
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