Child Care Centre

A child care centre is a facility at which young children are cared for whislt their parents are working or are otherwise unavailable to care for them.

Some, but not all child care centres are Council owned and/or operated.


In Victoria the legislation covering child care centres is the Children’s Services Centres Regulations 1988.

The regulations use the term Children's Services Centre rather than "Child Care Centre", but child care centres are presumably Class 1 (a) Children's Sservices Centres under the regulations, which are defined as:

"a registered children's services centre at which children under the age of 6 years may be cared for, educated or minded for a period no longer than 12 hours per day."

The Banyule City Council Planning Scheme defines a child care centre as "A building used for gain to care for at least 5 children not permanently residents in the building.”

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