Community & Social Planners Network (CASPN)

The Community and Social Planners Network (CASPN) is a state-wide professional interest group of local government staff members who have a responsibility for community/social planning and development.

CASPN links community and social planners from local governments across Victoria. The Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) are associate members. The VLGA maintains the membership mailing list and anyone can register to become a part of this emailing network. Being added to this list will keep you in the loop on any CASPN related events and information.

The network was created by social planners circa 1999 and later expanded state-wide. CASPN has over 350 LG officers as members who represent 54 Victorian LGAs. CASPN has a separate database of 105 non-LG members who currently receive CASPN updates including peak community and health organisations, universities, consultants and individuals.

For more information visit the VLGA website or contact ua.gro.aglv|anoif#ua.gro.aglv|anoif (Project Officer, VLGA).

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Information sharing

CASPN members asked that the learnings from information requests by one member, be shared with the broader group. To facilitate information sharing and limit emails, it is proposed that CASPN members can compile and add any public information shared via CASPN to this wiki (sign up then click grey 'edit' tab at bottom of the page). For support in uploading information, please contact ua.gro.aglv|asil#ua.gro.aglv|asil or ua.vog.civ.aradoorob|daer.anoif#ua.vog.civ.aradoorob|daer.anoif.

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