Condition Rating Assessment Manual

A Condition Assessment Manual (also Condition Rating Assessment Manual) is a document that specifies how asset condition inspections on a particular class of asset should be carried out, and how to determine the appropriate condition score for a given asset.

Visual Condition Assessment

If the assessment is to be made on the basis of a Visual Condition Inspection it is often useful to include a series of photos showing the asset in various conditions in the manual.

The examples below have been extracted from the Bundaberg Regional Council Pavement Condition Assessment Manual.

BRC-Footpath-Condition-0.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-1.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-2.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-3.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-4.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-5.jpg BRC-Footpath-Condition-6.jpg

National Asset Management Assessment Framework

The National Asset Management Assessment Framework suggests that Councils should have documented repeatable methodologies to carry out consistent asset condition surveys and defect identification assessments, and that these should be documented in a Condition Rating Assessment Manual for applicable asset classes."

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