Generally speaking a council is a type of committee that is usually intended to lead or govern.

With respect to local government the term council is variously used to describe both a municipality as a whole and/or the elected representatives (Councillors) of a municipality.

Victorian Local Governemnt Act 1989

Section 3 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 states that "Council" means a municipal council (including the Council of the City of Melbourne and the Council of the City of Geelong) whether constituted before or after the commencement of this section;

Section 3(E) of the Act goes on to define the functions of a Council, namely:

(1) The functions of a Council include—
(a) advocating and promoting proposals which
are in the best interests of the local
(b) planning for and providing services and
facilities for the local community;
(c) providing and maintaining community
infrastructure in the municipal district;
(d) undertaking strategic and land use planning
for the municipal district;
(e) raising revenue to enable the Council to
perform its functions;
(f) making and enforcing local laws;
(g) exercising, performing and discharging the
duties, functions and powers of Councils
under this Act and other Acts;
(h) any other function relating to the peace,
order and good government of the municipal
(2) For the purpose of achieving its objectives, a
Council may perform its functions inside and
outside its municipal district.

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