Council Asset Useful Life Tables

Boroondara City Council

Asset Type Useful Life
Road Base Flexible 150 years
Road Surface Asphalt 20 years
Concrete Road Base 100 years
Concrete Road Surface 100 years
Kerb & Channel 75 years

Source: Boroondara City Council Asset Management Plan for Roads

Brimbank City Council


Source: Brimbank City Council Asset Management Plan for Roads

Bundaberg Regional Council

Asset Sub-class Useful Life
Formation 150 years
Pavement 80 years
Asphalt Overlay 25 years
Sprayed Seal 15 years
Kerb & Channel 70 years
Gravel Resheeting 12 years
Concrete Footpaths 60 years
Asphalt Footpath 20 years
Brick Paved Footpath 30 years
Floor 60-100 years
Building Envelope 45-75 years
Floor Coverings 15-25 years
Fitout 20-45 years
Roof 15-90 years
Mechanical Services 25-35 years
Fire Services 40 years
Lifts & Transport Services 25 years
Absorption Trenches 80 years
Causeways 80 years
Gravity Pipes 80 years
Lagoons 80 years
Low Flow Pipes 80 years
Natural Channels 80 years
Open Channels 80 years
Retention Basins 80 years
Road Culverts 80 years
Stormwater Pits 80 years
Headwalls 80 years
GPTs 80 years
Channels 80 years
Flood Devices 80 years
Air Release Pipe 80 years
Civil Structure 80 years
Electrical 30 years
Gravity Main PVC 80 years
Gravity Main AC 80 years
Gravity Main VC 65 years
Gravity Main DICL 80 years
Gravity Main RC 80 years
Maintenance Hole 80 years
Mechanical 40 years
Overflow Pipe 80 years
Pipework & Valves 50 years
Pressure Main 65-80 years
Pump Well 80 years
Scour Pipe 80 years
Telemetry 20 years
Vacuum Main 80 years
AC Water Pipes 65 years
PVC Water Pipes 75 years
Ductile Iron Water Pipes 80 years

Source: Bundaberg AMP Development Wiki

Mildura Rural City Council

Asset Type Useful Life
Sealed Road Pavement 40-70 years
Gravel Road Pavement 10-50 years

Source: Mildura Rural City Council Road Management Plan

Ryde City Council

Asset Type Useful Life
Kerb & Channel 120
Footpath 80
Footpath (Paver) 80
Laneway 80
Pavement Shoulder 60
Pavement Shoulder Base 100
Pavement Centre 50
Pavement Centre Base 100
Road Bridge 100
Road Culvert 100
Stormwater Pipe 120
Stormwater Pit 80

Tea Tree Gully City Council

Asset Type Useful Life
Dolomite Path 15 years
Gravel Path 15 years
Hotmix Path 30 years
Brick Paved Path 50 years
Rubber Surface Path 15 years
Concrete Footbridge 50 years
Steel Footbridge 40-50 years
Timber Footbridge 25-40 years
Combination Construction Footbridge 50 years

Source: City of Tea Tree Gully Paths Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan

Whittlesea City Council

Asset Type Useful Life
Bridge of very low construction Standard 40 years
Ornamental Type Bridge with Pipe or Box Culvert underneath 80 Years
Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction 100 years
Bridge of Reinforced Concrete Construction with Steel Stringers 100 years
Bridge Reinforced Concrete or Stone Foundations Steel Beams and Timber deck 100 years
Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction - T-Beam Type 100 years
Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction - U-Slab Type 100 years
Major Culvert - Precast RC Box Culvert 80 years
Major Culvert - Crown Unit Type 100 years
Major Culvert - Crown Unit Type with Substantial additional Deck Work 100 years
Ornamental type bridge with small pipe or Box culverts underneath 80 years
Major Culvert - Large Precast RC Pipe 80 Years
Footbridge of High overall construction Standard 80 years
Footbridge of Low overall construction Standard 25 years
Footbridge of Medium overall construction Standard 40 Years
Stormwater Pipes 100 Years
Stormwater Pits 100 Years
Box Culverts 100 Years
Playground Equipment 15 years
Tennis Courts 20 years
Sports Fields (Basketball, Netball, Bocce, etc.) 50 years
Lawn Bowls 50 years
Cricket Pitches 15 years
Sports Goals 20 years
Sports Nets 10 years
Irrigation Systems 20 years
Bollards 15 years
Litter Bins 50 years
Paths 20 years
Monuments 100 years
Barbeques 20 years
Shelters 20 years
Tables 10 years
Seats 20 years
Drinking Fountains 20 years
Bike Racks 25 years
Flag Poles & Lighting 20 years
Landscaping 20 years
Playground Equipment 15 years
Light Poles 20 years
Lanterns 20 years
Sealed Road Pavement 120 Years
Reinforced Concrete Pavement 80 Years
Patterned Concrete Paving 60 Years
Mass Concrete Pavement 80 Years
Pavers 40 Years
Gravel Resheet 15 Years
Asphalt Overlay 20 Years
Asphalt with Brick Paving 40 Years
Asphalt with a SAMI 25 Years
Foamed Asphalt 12 Years
Ultra Thin Asphalt 15 Years
Sprayed Seal 12 Years
Primerseal 2 Years
Telecommunication Conduits 50 Years
Telecommunication Pits 50 Years

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