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Vendor Comments

Council Map Server is a web application providing sophisticated mapping capabilities. This unique map management solution allows local government authorities to easily create and embed maps within their existing websites.

Council Map Server is an extremely cost effective solution because it leverages existing resources and infrastructure.

For further information contact:

Barefoot Australia
support -at-
+61 422 918 591

End User Features

  1. Familiar interface - overlay spatial features on Google Maps
  2. Automatic highlighting of council area
  3. Present rich metadata in feature popup windows
  4. Fast in-map search
  5. Intelligent in-map toolbar to control feature presentation
  6. Issue reporting
  7. Automatic generation and presentation of virtual tours

Administrative Features

  1. Administration web application presents intuitive control panels
  2. Generate maps without any coding
  3. Various GIS formats - GeoRSS, KML, shapefiles
  4. Integration with existing issue reporting systems
  5. Detailed analytics reporting
  6. Platform independent
  7. Supports most databases

External Links & References

  1. Council Map Server Website
  2. Google Search
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