Council Plan

A Council Plan is a plan that documents the strategic objectives of a Council.


Section 125 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 states that;

(1) A Council must prepare and approve a Council Plan within the period of 6 months after each general election or by the next 30 June, whichever is later.
(2) A Council Plan must include-
white-line.png(a) the strategic objectives of the Council;
white-line.png(b) strategies for achieving the objectives for at least the next 4 years;
white-line.png(c) strategic indicators for monitoring the achievement of the objectives;
white-line.png(d) a Strategic Resource Plan containing the matters specified in section 126;
white-line.png(e) any other matters which are prescribed by the regulations.
(3) A person has a right to make a submission under section 223 on the proposed Council Plan.
(4) The Minister may extend the period within which a Council must comply with subsection (1).
(5) A Council must submit a copy of the Council Plan to the Minister by the date specified in subsection (1) or applying under subsection (4).
(6) If a Council fails to submit a Council Plan to the Minister within the time allowed, the Secretary must ensure that details of the failure are published in the annual report of the Department.
(7) At least once in each financial year, a Council must consider whether the current Council Plan requires any adjustment in respect of the remaining period of the Council Plan.
(8) Subject to subsections (9) and (10), a Council may make any adjustment it considers necessary to the Council Plan.
(9) A person has a right to make a submission under section 223 on a proposed adjustment to a Council Plan which relates to a matter specified under subsection (2)(a), (2)(b) or (2)(c).
(10) If a Council makes an adjustment to the Council Plan, the Council must within 30 days of making the adjustment advise the Minister of the details of the adjustment to the Council Plan.
(11) A copy of the current Council Plan must be available for inspection by the public at-
white-line.png (a) the Council office and any district offices; and
white-line.png (b) any other place required by the regulations.

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