Council Service Hierarchy (Collapsed)

Local Councils provide a wide range of services. The Council Service Hierarchy below is an attempt to systematically document and organise these services into a meaningful service hierarchy. The top level is based on the eight Council Functions listed in the Victorian Local Government Act 1989.

​​1. Advocacy - advocating and promoting proposals which are in the best interests of the local community

​​2. Community Services - planning for and providing services and facilities for the local community;

​​​3. Infrastructure Provision and Maintenance - providing and maintaining community infrastructure in the municipal district

​​​4. Strategic and Land Use Planning - undertaking strategic and land use planning for the municipal district​

​​​​5. Revenue Raising - raising revenue to enable the Council to perform its functions​

6. ​​Local Law Enforcement - making and enforcing local laws​

7. Legislated Duties - exercising, performing and discharging the duties, functions and powers of Councils under this Act and other Acts;​

​​8. Peace, Order and Good Governance - any other function relating to the peace, order and good government of the municipal district​​

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