Council Wiki Network

The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base has been set up as a repository for information of general interest to all Councils, but not all information that a Council might wish to "wikify" is of interest to other Councils. It is relatively easy for a Council to set up a wiki on its own servers to house this Council specific information, but it is also very easy to set up a Wikidot wiki for the same purpose. To make this even easier a Council Wiki Template has been set up using Wikidot, and this can be copied (cloned) and used as a seed from which to build a Council specific wiki.


There are many ways a Council specific wiki can be used, and as more Councils that start using wikis no doubt even more ways to use them will be discovered.

Wikidot wikis can be public so that anyone can view the information stored on it, or private and only viewable by signed in members.

A list of Council specific wikis is given below.

Council Wikis

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