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DAF Unit - A DAF Unit or Dissolved Air Flotation Unit is a device that removes suspended matter such as oil or solids, from water, by dissolving air in the water under pressure and then releasing the air at atmospheric pressure in a flotation tank or basin.

Dam - A Dam is a structure designed to impound the water of a river or other watercourse.

Dam Safety - In Queensland if a dam is classified as "referrable", then it is the dam owners responsibility to ensure the dam's safety. A referrable dam is defined as one that would, in the event of failure, put two or more persons at risk.

Dam Safety Monitoring and Instrumentation - Dam Safety Monitoring and Instrumentation is a process of monitoring the condition of a dam to ensure public safety and the ongoing viable service of the dam to the community and industry.

Data Dictionary - A data dictionary, is a centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, and format. A data dictionary is used in the development of a relational database system.

Database - A database is an organized collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form.

Date of Practical Completion - The Date of Practical Completion is the date at which a project employing the "Australian Standard - General Conditions of Contract" is considered to be complete.

Declared Road - A Declared Road is a road declared to be a highway, main road or secondary road, etc, under an act of parliament.

Defect - A defect is an imperfection within an asset that could potentially lead to the premature failure of the asset.

Defined Flood Event - Defined Flood Event (DFE) is a hypothetical flood event used by local government to establish the Defined Flood Level for building and development planning.

Defined Flood Level - Defined Flood Level (DFL) is the estimated height of the flood waters produced when the Defined Flood Event occurs, and is measured in AHD.

Degradation Curve - A degradation curve is a graph of an asset's condition or remaining service potential plotted over time.

Demarcation Agreement - A demarcation agreement is a document that specifies the boundaries of responsibilities between two organisations. Councils often have demarcation agreements with adjacent municipalities and other road authorities to clearly define which authority is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of boundary roads and non-council roads within the boundaries of the municipality.

Depot - A depot is a facility used as an operating base for construction crews and other outdoor staff, and for the storage of goods, materials, plant & equipment.

Depreciated Replacement Cost - The Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC) of an asset is the current replacement cost of the asset, less accumulated depreciation calculated on the basis of such a cost to reflect the already consumed or expired future economic benefits of the asset.

Depreciation - Depreciation is the reduction in the value of an asset due to usage, passage of time, environmental factors, wear and tear, obsolescence, depletion or inadequacy.

Depreciation Charge - The depreciation charge or depreciation expense is the dollar amount of depreciation charged to an asset over a given period of time.

Depression - In road engineering a depression is a localised area of pavement surface that is slightly lower in elevation than the surrounding pavement.

Deprival Value - The Deprival Value of an asset is the value of the present owner if the owner were deprived of the asset and was required to continue to deliver the same level of service. Assets are valued at an amount that represents the entire loss that might be expected to be incurred if the entity were deprived of the service potential or future economic benefits of particular assets at the reporting date. This is a valuation basis that reflects a non-market concept of the value in use of assets as part of a going concern.

Depth Indicator - A depth indicator is a device used to indicate to drivers the maximum depth of floodwaters across a road. The zero mark on the Depth Indicators is set at the lowest pavement level on the section of road liable to flooding.

Desalination - Desalination is the process of removing salt and other minerals from water.

Desalination Plant - A Desalination Plant is a facility for removing salt and other minerals from sea water to produce fresh water for human consumption or irrigation.

Design Storm - Design Storm is the Average Recurrence Interval, ARI, of a storm for which the stormwater system is designed.

Desktop Revaluation - A desktop revaluation is a revaluation of an asset classes undertaken without physical inspection of the assets, typically done by applying revised unit rates to known quantities of assets.

Detention Basin - A Detention Basin is a large, open, free draining basin that temporarily “detains” collected stormwater runoff. These basins are normally maintained in a dry condition between storm events.

Detention Time - Detention time is the length of time that sewage remains in the gravity or rising mains or in pump station wet wells before it reaches the wastewater treatment plant. The longer it is detained in the system, the greater the likelihood that conditions arise that are conducive to the development of odors due to hydrogen sulfide production. Apart from producing malodorous gasess, the sewage also becomes more difficult to treat once it reaches the sewage treatment plant. Consquently, the goal is to keep the time in which raw sewage remains in the system to a minimum.

Development - A development is any change to the use of land requiring town planning approval and/or oversite.

Development Area - A Development Area is an area identified as having potential for housing following strategic planning and study.

Development Assessment - Development Assessment is a branch of local government responsible for assessing proposed urban or industrial development.

Development Contribution - A development contribution is a fee or contribution charged against a development for the provision of infrastructure.

Development Manual - A Development Manual is a document that explains a Council's policies and specifications for land development, and specifies the standards that developments must adhere to.

Development Plan - A Development Plan is a plan which identifies the precise conditions for housing and other activities in a Development Area.

Digester - A Digester is a vessel that provides for the process of anerobic digestion. It is commonly made of concrete and houses anerobic bacteria. Sewerage sludge is normally pumped in at regular intervals to maintain a food supply for the population of anerobic bacteria. Anaerobic digestion is a process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The process is widely used to treat wastewater sludges and organic wastes because it provides volume and mass reduction of the input material. A conical floor can be included in the digester design to facilitate product removal and cleaning. Some form of mixing equipment is also normally used to promote the digestion process.
Digesters are typically found at Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Digital Elevation Model - A Digital Elevation Model, (DEM), is a digital representation of the topography of the Earth's land surface.

Digout - The term digout is used by some Councils to describe the treatment of isolated failed pavement areas by replacement with new material or improvement of existing material, including reinstatement of road surface.

Directive - A directive is a generic term for all formal guidance, instructions, or orders issued by an organization.

Discharge - Discharge, Q, is a measure of the volume rate of flow (m3/s) through a stream cross-section. Discharge is the rate of flow in a particular channel reach, which in turn is affected by precipitation events occuring in the watershed of the channel reach, as well as topography, vegetation and soil type.

Disposal Plan - A Disposal Plan is a document that defines how an organisation decides when an asset should be retired or disposed of, and the activities associated with the process, including sale, demolition or relocation. Disposal Plans are often a section within an Asset Management Plan.

Distributor Road - A distributor road is a road that dispersed traffic into or within a local area.

District Park - A District Park is a mid-sized park providing a range of facilities and activity space for recreation or sport. These parks cater for large groups and are appealing to a range of users or groups. They service several communities or suburbs and are a fairly well known destination for those people living within their catchment.

Divided Road - A Divided Road is a road in which the two directions of traffic are separated by a central barrier or a median.

Documentation Site - A Documentation Site is a web site used to document a software product. Documentation sites are typically searchable, and easier to use than an old fashioned hard copy or PDF User Manual.

Document/Records Management System - A Document/Records Management System is a software system designed to manage documents & records.

Donated Asset - [[include i:donated-asset]]

Drainage Catchment - A drainage catchment is the area of land contributing stormwater runoff to a given point.

Drainage Channel - A Drainage Channel (also Open Drain) is an unenclosed earthen, grass, concrete, stone or gabion lined structure for transporting stormwater.

Drainage Easement - A Drainage Easement is an easement created for drainage purposes. It would typically be created in the situation where a Council stormwater pipe or open drain passes through private property. In some jurisdictions, an easement may also be required to be created where landscaping or drainage works on private property has the effect of diverting water to flow across neighbouring properties.

Drainage Reserve - A Drainage Reserve is a parcel of land set aside for drainage purposes. Drainage Reserves usually contain either a drainage basin or an open drain.

Drainage System - A drainage system is a system of gully inlets, pipes, overland flow paths, open channels, culverts and detention basins used to convey stormwater runoff to its receiving waters. In urban areas stormwater runoff volumes are typically greater than they were prior to urbanisation because of increased impervious areas within catchments. Drainage systems are designed to reduce the risk of council, community and private assets being damaged by localised flooding as a result of these increased runoff volumes.

Drinking Water - Drinking Water (also Potable Water) is water that is suitable for human consumption.

Drinking Water Scheme - A Drinking Water Scheme is the infrastructure owned by a drinking water service provider for single or multiple combinations of the individual components of treatment, transmission, reticulation, or the storage of recycled water to augment a drinking water supply.

Driverless Car - [[include driverless-vehicle]]

Driveway - A driveway (also vehicular access) is a (typically) short section of private road connecting a residence or similar structure to the public road network.

Driveway Works - The Victorian Road Management Act (Works & Infrastructure) Regulations 2005 define driveway works as the installation, maintenance or repair of a physical means of entry or exit for vehicles from adjoining land to a roadway.

Drop Structure - A Drop Structure is an artificially constructed structure used in creeks or dam spillway to control the velocity and energy of water as it flows from high to lower elevation. These structures are also used to control erosion in streams or creeks.

Dwelling - A dwelling is a building or a part of a building intended for use as a residence by a single household.

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