Dedicated Problem Solving Teams

Dedicated Problem Solving Teams have been successfully used within large mining organisations, and could be used in a similar way by Councils. The idea is based on the premise that the people on the ground are very aware of what most of the issues are that cause lost productivity or waste money and time. The botle necks or those things we just put up with. Many of these issues don't seem to have an owner or the owner is difficult to establish. But they are real and cause frustartion among the workforce.

The mining company set up a hit squad that crossed traditional sectional boundaries to identify isuues and prioritise them. Then they set about fixing these. The team was relieved of their normal job as often people try and fix processes, forms and software while doing another job. The result of this is the fix is rushed and may even fail. A dedicated team approach for the mining company was much more successful. There are obviously questions about where we get the team from and who does their work while they tackle the big issues.

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