Deliberative Community Engagement

Deliberative Community Engagement is the process of consulting/engaging with communities by providing them with:

  1. the information they need to come to an informed view about the relative merits of potential future; decisions, actions, projects and/or programs that will or may affect them;
  2. a forum in which to consider and discuss the issues and options associated with the above;
  3. an opportunity to make their considered views known to the individuals and organisations ultimately responsible for the decisions, actions, projects and/or programs that they have been consulted about.

Victorian Local Government Act Review

The term 'Deliberative Community Engagement' is used 31 times in the Victorian Local Government Act Review Directions Paper without specifically defining the term.

It does note however that; "leading councils are undertaking deliberative community engagement processes which allow their communities to shape policy and resource allocation (through council plans, asset plans and budgets) from the outset. Often, this involves developing ten-year community plans through deep, deliberative engagement with the local community using processes such as citizens' juries to shape a vision for the future. Many Victorian councils are ahead of the Act in this regard and are pointing a way to the future."

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