A development is any change to the use of land requiring town planning approval and/or oversite.

Development may include:

  • changing landforms from a natural or semi-natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing
  • subdividing real estate into lots, typically for the purpose of building homes
  • developing property or changing its purpose, for example by converting an unused factory complex into apartments
  • the erection or demolition of a building or structure.


Under Section 1.3.2 of the Queensland Integrated Planning Act 1997, development is any of the following:

  • carrying out building work;
  • carrying out plumbing or drainage work;
  • carrying out operational work;
  • reconfiguring a Lot;
  • making a material change of use of premises.


The Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987 states that development includes:

  • the construction or exterior alteration or exterior decoration of a building; and
  • the demolition or removal of a building or works; and
  • the construction or carrying out of works; and
  • the subdivision or consolidation of land, including buildings or airspace; and
  • the placing or relocation of a building or works on land; and
  • the construction or putting up for display of signs or hoardings;

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