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Earthworks - Earthworks are engineering works involving the moving or removal of soil, for example in the construction of channels, tunnels, roads, dams, airports etc. Earthworks often require earth moving and hauling vehicles such as bull dozers, scrapers, bucket loaders and dump trucks.

Easement - An easement is the right to use the real property of another without possessing it. Easements are often held by Councils where stormwater pipes or sewers are located within a private property. It is typically not permissible to build over an easement.

Economic Development - Economic Development is the increase in the standard of living of a nation's population with sustained growth from a simple, low-income economy to a modern, high-income economy. Its scope includes the process and policies by which a nation improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people.

Economic Life - The Economic Life of an asset is the length of time for which maintaining and operating the asset remains the lowest cost alternative for providing a nominated level of service. "

Economic Value - The economic value of an asset is the discounted cashflow value derived by discounting the free cashflow of the asset by an appropriate risk adjusted rate.

Edge Break - An Edge Break is a broken or irregular edge of a road wearing surface.

Edge Drop-off - An edge drop-off is road geometry defect where the vertical distance from the edge of seal to the adjacent shoulder exceeds acceptable limits.

Educational Video Library - An Educational Video Library is a collection of videos used for education purposes.

Effluent - Effluent is residual or waste water, including sewage, which is flushed through sewerage pipes and treated before re-use or discharge to the environment.

Embankment - An embankment is an earthen structure that has been constructed to raise a road, railway, bridge or other structure above the elevation of the area surrounding the structure.

Embellishment - The common definition of an embellishment is an unnecessarily added touch, an ornamental addition or a flourish, but in Australian local government the term is also sometimes used to describe an asset or improvement, especially within a park.

Emergency Management - Emergency Management is a range of measures to manage risks to communities and the environment and the organisation and management of resources for dealing with all aspects of emergencies.

Emergency Plan - An Emergency Plan is a documented scheme of assigned responsibilities, actions and procedures, required in
the event of an emergency.

Emergency Relief Structure - An Emergency Relief Structure (ERS) is used to prevent sewer overflows through maintenance holes or customer connections, for example through an ORG, and to protect the sewer system from damage particularly during extreme rain events.

Emergency Response Plan - An Emergency Response Plan is a plan that documents an organisation's service delivery involvement involving action plans and contingencies to respond to community risk scenarios from an emergency through to an emergency to a declared disaster.

Emergency Works - Emergency Works are works required urgently to protect –

Emulsion Seal - An Emulsion Seal is a type of surface treatment. An emulsion seal is very similar to a standard sprayed seal but the bitumen-water emulsion can be successfully used at lower temperatures.

Enclosed GPT - An Enclosed GPT is a type of Gross Pollutant Trap consisting of a fully enclosed trash rack and/or sediment collection sump usually located at or near the end of a stormwater pipe

Entrance Statement Structure - An Entrance Statement Structure is a fence or a wall (usually constructed of brick or other masonry materials, sometimes faced with a plastered render which can also be painted) located at the entrance to a street, road or subdivision that identifies the name of the street, road or subdivision.

Environmental Hazard - Environmental hazard is a generic term for any situation or state of events which poses a threat to the surrounding natural environment and adversely affect people's health.

Environmental Health Officer - An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is a Council employee appointed in accordance with state legislation to carry out a mandated environmental health related functions.

Environmental Management - Environmental Management is the management of interaction by the modern human societies with, and impact upon the natural and built environment.

Environmental Management Plan - An Environmental Management Plan is a plan dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment.

Environmental Park - An Environmental Park is a park with a primarily ecological purpose, being the protection of an area of significant environmental value. These parks protect and enhance biodiversity by providing habitat for flora and fauna and may include movement corridors. These parks are planned and managed to protect environmental values, but are often also embellished to enable recreational use, such as a pathway or a cycleway.

Erosion and Sediment Control - Erosion and Sediment Control is the practice of controlling erosion of soil and thereby reduce the creation of sediments on a construction site, and to prevent sediment from entering waterways.

ESRI - ESRI is a software provider best known for its geographic information system (GIS) ArcGIS software.

Established Area - The term Established Area is a label given by by some muncipalities on the urban fringe to those parts of the municipality that have been urbanised for some time.

Estimate Sheet - An estimate sheet is a document used to estimate the cost of a project. It typically consists of a list of items and quantities and unit rates associated with those items.

Expenditure - Expenditure is the spending of money on goods and services.

Expenditure Forecast - An Expenditure Forecast is an estimate of future expenditure over a period of time.

Expense - An expense is a cost that is non-capital in nature and therefore recorded in the expenses section of an income statement.

Expression of Interest - An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a process used to identify potential suppliers interested in, and capable of, delivering a particular product or service. Potential suppliers are asked to provide information on their capability to do the work.

Extranet - An extranet is a private network that uses Internet protocols, network connectivity, and possibly the public telecommunication system to securely share part of an organization's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers or other businesses.

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