Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a range of measures to manage risks to communities and the environment and the organisation and management of resources for dealing with all aspects of emergencies.

Emergency management involves the plans, structures and arrangements which are established to bring together the normal endeavours of government, voluntary and private agencies in a comprehensive and coordinated way to deal with the whole spectrum of emergency needs including prevention, response and recovery.

Councils have a number of mandatory emergency management functions, and are typically deeply involved in emergency planning and management.

Victorian Emergency Management Act 1986

Part 4 of the Victorian Emergency Management Act 1986 details the responsibilities of municipal councils with respect to emergency management.

Section 20 states that a municipal council must prepare and maintain a municipal emergency management plan.

Section 21 of the Act states that:

white-line.png(1) A municipal council must appoint a person or persons to be the municipal emergency resource officer or municipal emergency resource officers.
white-line.png(2) A municipal emergency resource officer is responsible to the municipal council for ensuring the co-ordination of municipal resources to be used in emergency response and recovery.
white-line.png(3) A municipal council must appoint a municipal emergency planning committee constituted by persons appointed by the municipal council being members and employees of the municipal council, response and recovery agencies and local community groups involved in emergency management issues.
white-line.png(4) The function of a municipal emergency planning committee is to prepare a draft municipal emergency management plan for consideration by the municipal council.
white-line.png(5) A municipal emergency planning committee must give effect to any direction or guidelines issued by the Minister.
white-line.png(6) Subject to the regulations, a municipal emergency planning committee may determine its own procedures.

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