Emergency Management Plan

An Emergency Management Plan is a plan that includes strategies to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies, which may impact on people and infrastructure.

An Emergency Management Plan aims to:

  • reduce possible causes of emergencies
  • minimise the effects of emergencies that may occur
  • provide guidance in the management of emergencies that may occur
  • assist residents, employees, contractors and visitors to recover following an emergency

Examples of events that may be considered in an Emergency Management Plan include:

  • aircraft crashes
  • animal or plant disease outbreaks
  • human infectious disease outbreaks
  • earthquakes
  • electrical failures
  • extreme weather events
  • bushfires
  • residential fires
  • commercial/industrial fires and explosions
  • floods
  • gas leaks
  • gas supply failures
  • commercial/industrial off-site discharges
  • terrorism
  • major transport incident
  • major chemical releases


In Victoria every municipality is required to prepare and maintain an Municipal Emergency Management Plan, under the Victorian Emergency Management Act 1986.

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