Engineering Plan Approval

The approval of Engineering Plans is a part of the development assessments and approvals process for subdivision developments.


In Victoria the engineering plan approval process for subdivisions is detailed in Section 15 of Victorian Subdivision Act 1988, which states:

Council or referral authority may require an engineering plan for works
(1) A Council or a referral authority may require an applicant to submit an engineering plan including specifications for works required under the planning scheme or permit.
(2) The Council or referral authority must—
(a) approve the engineering plan; or
(b) specify the alterations it requires; or
(c) refuse to approve the plan—
within the prescribed time.
(3) If the Council or referral authority requires alterations or refuses to approve the engineering plan, it must at the same time give written reasons to the applicant.
(4) If the Council or referral authority requires an alteration to an engineering plan, the time for its consideration of the plan is suspended until the altered engineering plan is submitted.
(5) If an engineering plan contains all the alterations required by a Council or referral authority, the Council or referral authority cannot require any further alteration and must approve the plan.
(6) The Council may make a charge not exceeding the prescribed fee for an engineering plan it prepares.​​

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