Fire Prevention

Most Local Government Councils have in place programs and initiatives aimed at fire prevention.

Typically this includes:

  • the drafting of local laws controlling the lighting of fires,
  • the carrying out of fire hazard inspections,
  • the issuing infringement notices where necessary.

Victorian Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958

Section 5 of the Victorian Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958​ notes that "it is the duty of every municipal council and public authority to take all practicable steps (including burning) to prevent the occurrence of fires on, and minimise the danger of the spread of fires on and from— (a) any land vested in it or under its control or management; and (b) any road under its care and management. ​

Victorian Country Fire Authority Act 1958

Section 36 of the Victorian Country Fire Authority Act 1958 notes that "the Authority may by notice in writing require any municipal council any part of the municipal district of which is supplied with water by a permanent reticulated water supply system to provide a pillar hydrant or hydrants at any specified place or places in or near a public street or road within the said part of the municipal district."

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