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A Flowmeter is a device used to measure and display flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe.

The most common type used in water and sewerage pumping applications are electric magnetic flowmeters commonly referred to as mag-flowmeters.

Electric Magnetic Flowmeters

An electric flowmeter uses electrical energy to produce a magnetic field which in turn produces a small electrical signal in moving water. This signal is converted to a flow rate and either shown on a screen sent via a 4-20 mA current to telemetry


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Flowmeters typically contain the following sub-components.

  • Meter Head
  • Transmitter/Converter
  • Flow Recorder

Useful Life

The useful life of a flowmeter will depend on its usage, level of service specified & the maintenance regime applied to it, but a value in the range 15-25 years may be appropriate.

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