Food Act Compliance

A number of Australian states have passed legislation known as the "Food Act" and these acts typically assign specific responsibilities to Municipal Councils.

New South Wales

NSW Food Act 2003


Food Act 2006

South Australia

Food Act 2001


In Victoria municipal councils have number of responsibilities mandated under the Victorian Food Act 1984.

Section 7A of the Act states that it is the role of a council to:

(a) carry out the powers and functions vested in it under this Act in accordance with the requirements of this Act;
(b) promote the objectives of this Act;
(c) cooperate with other councils and the Department in relation to the administration of this Act;
(d) ensure, to the extent appropriate, that the administration of this Act by the council is consistent with the administration of this Act throughout Victoria by other councils;
(e) participate in the state-wide system for the single notification or registration of temporary food premises, mobile food premises or food vending machines.

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