Footpath Condition Inspection Sheet

A Footpath Condition Inspection Sheet is a document to collect footpath condition information in the field.

Data collected (and possible description options) may include:

Source of Trip Hazards

a) Settlement/Erosion
b) Vehicular Damage
c) Previous Repairs
d) Water Damage
e) Wear & Tear
f) Tree Root Damage
g) Deficient Lighting

Surface Profile

a) Even
b) Slightly Uneven
c) Moderately Uneven
d) Very Uneven
e) Extremely Uneven


a) Not Slippery
b) Slightly Slippery
c) Moderately Slippery
d) Very Slippery
e) Extremely Slippery


a) Excellent Lighting
b) Good Lighting
c) Adequate Lighting
d) No Artificial Lighting


a) No Shadows
b) Light Shadows
c) Moderate Sahdows
d) Heavy Shadows


a) High - CBD, shopping centres
b) Medium - leisure facilities, schools, aged homes
c) Low - Residential & Rural

Joint Displacement

a) < 20mm
b) 20mm to 30mm
c) > 30mm

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  2. Google Search
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