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Footpath Lip -> Vertical Footpath Joint Displacement

A vertical footpath joint displacement is a footpath defect that occurs when two footpath panels move vertically in relation to each other. This defect presents as a tiny step in a footpath, and is a potential tripping hazard.


It may be possible to reduce the prevelance of vertical footpath joint displacements by the installation of Tripstop joints at the time of construction.


There are many alternate names for this defect including;

  1. Footpath Lip
  2. Stepping
  3. Steplift
  4. Stepped Joint
  5. Trip hazard (in terms of lifting/dropping differential)
  6. Trip Step
  7. Lifted/Dropped Joint
  8. Joint Displacement
  9. Displaced Joint
  10. Vertical Displacement
  11. Trip Displacement
  12. Tripping Point

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