Footpath Panel Replacement

The removal and replacement of a single footpath panel is a common footpath maintenance option.

1. The existing damaged panel or panels are removed - often this will necessitate the concrete to be cut with a saw.
2. Timber boxing is placed along the sides of the footpath.
3. If specified, steel dowels should be placed in the adjoining footpath.
4. If specified, steel reinforcement should be placed appropriately.
5. Concrete is then placed inside the timber boxing and the surface of the path shaped to level.

Often the panel to be replaced is marked up with paint prior to the actual physical works being carried out. (See the first image below)

Footpath-with-broken-panel-corner.png missing-footpath-panel.jpg Freshly-Poured-Concrete-Footpath-Panel.jpg New-Footpath-Panel.jpg

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